Tips to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Oakland 

Thanksgiving in OaklandTraveling to family or friends’ homes, watching football, turkey, turkey trots, long walks, and after dinner naps, this is what Thanksgiving is all about! While you may not be traveling to grandmother’s house this year, you can keep up many holiday traditions in your Oakland apartment this year!

Spending the Holiday with Family and Friends via Zoom

Keep it simple by setting a time to eat your meal with family and friends! Why not do a family recipe swap and try a few new dishes remotely. 


Maybe your yearly pickup game is canceled, but the NFL’s three games are part of our Thanksgiving tradition and are still on schedule. Here is the current lineup.

The Star of the Day – The Turkey

If you have never actually cooked a turkey, do not worry, these restaurants and markets near your Oakland apartment are serving Thanksgiving for takeout or delivery.

Whole Foods at 231 Bay Place has pre-cooked turkey, sides, and desserts available for pick up!

The Fifth Quarter Charcuterie has some great options for sides or alternatives to a turkey dinner including some out of this world, freshly made sausages. Check out their hours on their website.

 Belcampo’s  is offering turkeys from their California farm through William Sonoma this year. They have in-store pickups available. They are organic, non-GMO, and steroid-/antibiotic-free, and come in four sizes.

Turkey Trot

Before you feast, you trot by putting on your running gear and take part in a local turkey trot! This year there won’t be any turkeys trotting down the streets of Oakland, but you can still get out and run. Sign up for Oakland’s Virtual Turkey Trot online. 

Take a Walk

Joaquin Miller Park and Sequoia Bayview Trail Trailhead are both great places for a pre or after-dinner walk.

Take a Nap 

The tryptophan in turkey makes you tired, so a nice nap on Thanksgiving Day in your waterfront Orion apartment is another way to keep up your Thanksgiving traditions.