The Turkey Bowl: A Timeless Pasttime

Turkey Bowl

Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means it’s time to grab that ole pigskin and play some football! That’s right, here in America, one of the longest standing traditions surrounding the holiday is to hold a football match, or a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl. This regional convention celebrating team-centered togetherness, and a little bit of friendly competition, goes back almost as far as the very first year Thanksgiving was celebrated!


Thanksgiving Football Through the Years

Just six years after the first recognized holiday, Philadelphia, PA launched a Thanksgiving Day football match in 1869. Soon after this landmark decision, other prominent cities across the nation would follow in Philadelphia’s footsteps. The Thanksgiving Day game became officially recognized by the Intercollegiate Football Association in 1882, after holding a tiebreaker championship game on the holiday once more. As for the term “Turkey Bowl”? This fun phrase was popularized by high school football leagues, in reference, of course, to the deliciously prepared bird many Americans gather around the table to enjoy.


Don’t Miss the Big League Games

Interested in taking part in your own little piece of US history? Finding football games to watch on Thanksgiving in your neighborhood is a great way to celebrate while staying close to home. Here near Oakland, CA, you can catch the 6th Annual Dino Ghilotti Motta Memorial Turkey Bowl. On November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving, you can experience the thrill of competitive sport, while also helping support arts and athletics facilities in the North Bay, which is a perfect chance to spread the giving spirit across the community as well as with loved ones!


An At-Home Turkey Bowl

Not a fan of watching a game too far from the roost? Not to worry, gathering up friends and family for a football match all your own can be the start of a personal, new tradition on top of that Thanksgiving feast. Simply pack up the gang and set up a game at a public park near Orion; perhaps it can help work off those delicious carbs consumed ‘round that Thanksgiving table!


If you don’t know what day is Thanksgiving 2019, keep November 28th on your radar. Before tucking into that belt-busting holiday spread, get some fresh fall air and play some football. Happy Turkey Day!