Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season

outdoor picnic with candles, pillows, pink blanket and flowers in the background

Picnics are common bonding events for families and friends. And at the Orion apartments, you have the opportunity to enjoy new spring season recipes. You can try the following recipes this season and see how you like them.

Easy Recipes to try in Your Kitchen

1. Chicken Salad Sandwich

Pack your chicken salad with red grapes and cashews and serve it on slices of bread. It’s a simple enough recipe, but you can take it up a notch if you fancy. Add chopped chives to add some pomp to the sandwiches.

2. Cowboy Caviar

This one does not need an oven, just some chopping, and tossing. This dip looks like a salad, but make sure you dice the vegetables into small pieces. Add some pepper, garlic, and lime to add taste.

3. Upgraded Macaroni Salad

You need to add some unorthodox ingredients to traditional macaroni with this one. You may add diced ham, hard-boiled eggs, or bacon. Make sure to be generous with the cheese to make the dish creamy.

4. Tuna Wraps

The tuna wrap is one of the easy recipes for quick picnic ideas. This recipe gives you control over your adding. You could add fresh spinach, tomatoes, and more cheese to add more taste.

5. Greek Salad

The Greek salad recipe produces a nutritious and healthy dish. Although the salad calls for some feta cheese, the dominant ingredients are tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce.

Enjoying the Weather Outdoors

A nice picnic calls for a serene place to sit down and enjoy the meal with your family and friends. Lucky for you, many suitable locations surround the Orion apartments. For instance, you might enjoy the Snow Park, which has rides and swings that kids can plan on as you have a good time together. And if you are looking for parks just a stone’s throw away from your home, the Lincon Square Park or the Madison Park provide excellent options.

Two Kitchen Must-Haves for Your Delicious Recipes

Seamless use of these spring season recipes requires you have at least two essential kitchen appliances. For instance, you need a grater for your cheese. Suppose it can produce different grades, the better. The pestle and mortar are other kitchen appliance must-haves. They come in handy when making different kinds of paste.