Get Ready for Spring Cleaning In Your Orion Apartment


Spring cleaning is upon us and now is the perfect time to rethink our living spaces. Since the pandemic, many of us realize our apartments need to be more than a place to relax, they need to double as a home office and entertainment area. Because we are spending more time at home top home design trends point toward comfortable and cozy apartment living spaces. You are already ahead of the curve, living in comfort at the Orion.

How to Declutter and Get Ready For Spring

Clutter creeps up quickly in a home. And it can take hours to sort things you don’t need from things you want to keep. The easiest way to fight clutter is to consistently address the areas of your home where clutter has a tendency to accumulate. Keep a donation basket in a handy locale so that any unwanted or unused item can go directly into the bin, instead of being piled up somewhere, where you’ll be forced to sort it out later.

Put a “one in, one out” rule into place in your home. Before a new item comes in, an old item must go out, either in the trash or to the donation bin. This ensures there is adequate space to store the new item in your home, instead of just piling new things onto old, unused belongings.

Staple Pieces You Have to Incorporate

Organizing your living room around a staple piece is a great way to add your personal style. A soft-edged accent chair or a curved velvety couch is one way to embrace cozy and comfort. Rounded pieces like wooden side tables or even a colorful round layered rug can be an inexpensive way to revamp your living space and make it feel stylish and comfortable.

Trendy Apartment Living

Incorporating top home design trends into apartment living at the Orion is easy. It’s about creating a cozy living space that nurtures your lifestyle and lets your personality shine. Add a few of the ideas listed here and you will have a space everyone can enjoy.