The Top Three Activities You Can Do In Your Orion Apartment


Your Orion apartment is the ideal base to explore the brilliant city of Oakland. It’s also the perfect place to discover exciting new indoor hobbies. Here are some great ways to find a new interest in the comfort of your apartment.

Three Hobbies to Pick Up This Month

  1. Building a Plant Collection

How about trying your hand at indoor gardening? Plants can enhance the beauty of your Orion apartment, and many are easy for beginners. Oakland is home to the world’s oldest bonsai tree at Lake Merritt – perfect inspiration!

  1. Finding Your Inner Zen

Not so much a hobby as a way of life, meditation might change your whole outlook. Oakland has several meditation centers, but it’s easy to try out at home.

  1. Making a New Friend

Since Orion is a pet-friendly neighborhood, why not welcome a new furry (or feathered, or scaly!) friend to the family? Training pets is such a rewarding hobby, and having a companion animal around has loads of well-being benefits.

Tips for Dedicating Space In Your Home

Some hobbies barely require any space, but if you’re welcoming a new pet, you’ll want to make sure it has the room and set up it needs. And if you’re trying out meditation, you might want to clear a quiet nook, leaving just a few calming features.

Why not start with a good apartment spring cleaning? Clearing the clutter will make it so much easier to create space for your new hobby – however much room it requires.

How Apartment Living Helps You Embrace Your Hobbies

Whatever your new hobby, you’ll love getting absorbed in it at the Orion. Your home is full of unique spaces for getting lost in your interests, from your apartment to the community lounge, raised courtyard, and rooftop with sweeping views. What will you try?