2020 Predictions for Your New Year’s Resolutions

2020 predictions, 2020 goals, new year's resolutions

After all the New Year’s parties end, what’s left is to get started on those resolutions. Are your personal 2020 predictions already coming to a slow? Not to worry! Maximizing your time this year can be as easy as adding a minor tweak to your regular routine.


Learn a New Language in 2020


From opening up paths to new job opportunities to making friends in different countries, learning a new language in 2020 can be a great way to enrich your life. But in our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time for lessons. Luckily, there is a wide variety of app-based education that even the most dedicated workaholic can implement into their routine. For those who prefer traditional classroom-style lessons, try Babbel. Quick 10-15 minute sessions that track your progress creates a recipe for success! More of a visual learner? No problem! Drops lets you learn with the help of mnemonic pictures, creating a different connection in your brain compared to simply seeing words on a screen. 


Learn to Play an Instrument in 2020


Perhaps you’re more of a musically inclined individual? You can learn to play an instrument in 2020 to express some of that creative flair! If you’re looking for ease, a ukelele might be the best place to start. With only four strings and easy-to-hold design, this delightful guitar is appealing to beginners. Click here for a great learning guide and you’ll soon find yourself strumming along. Maybe you’ve always wanted to play the piano, but don’t have space for one. Luckily, flowkey has the answer! You can learn to play your favorite tunes on your laptop from the comfort of your bedroom at Orion, and the program gives interactive live feedback as you learn.


So much opportunity and promise lies ahead this year! No matter what new experiences you take on, one thing is for sure: Your 2020 predictions are what you make of them. The willingness to try, the ability to laugh at yourself, and old-fashioned dedication are values that will lead you far. Good luck out there!