Summertime Fun in Oakland

summertime fun in OaklandLiving in your Oakland apartment at Orion means that you get to live in one of the hippest places in Northern California. Great restaurants, local bars, nearby wineries, performing venues, and artists’ galleries in renovated storefronts, are all great ways to enjoy the summer.

Summertime at your Orion apartments means you do not even need to leave the community. Get summertime ready in the fitness center. Wash your pet after a walk or hike at these dog-friendly trails. The outdoor hot tub is the perfect way to relax after a long day with friends. 

You can also check out the local music scene at one of these small music venues. After a year of Netflix and Hulu, won’t it be nice to get out and catch the latest movie at The Regal Jack London Movie Theater.

With a biking rating of over 96, you know that Oakland is the perfect place to go for a bike ride. You can store your bikes in the conveniently located racks at your Oakland apartment. Then enjoy one of the many bike trails in your area.

Take the nearby BART to explore California’s infamous Redwoods Forest or perhaps to enjoy a day of wine tasting. Another great option is to head to Chinatown for great dining and shopping. Located, just minutes from your Oakland apartment, this is the perfect summertime activity.

Summer afternoons and evenings are the perfect time to visit Jack London Square. An entertainment destination on the waterfront located just minutes from your Oakland apartment. Named after the well-renowned author, Jack London, it is the home of some great stores, restaurants, hotels, an Amtrak station, and the San Francisco Bay Ferry dock.

Summertime at your Oakland apartment at Orion provides you with so many options to dine, relax, unwind, and explore. 

Create Harmonious Energy to Your Oakland Apartment

Living in an environment that is harmonious and peaceful is more important than ever. Why not incorporate some principles of Feng Shui into your Oakland apartment for a perfectly balanced and peaceful space.

Oakland ApartmentWhat is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art. The words mean “wind” “water”. Both these elements are associated with good luck and good health. 

Follow these tips to bring good luck and good health into your space.

Remove Any Obstacles

Try to think about the most frequent routes and how you move through your apartment. Rearrange any obstacles, furniture, or other items that might interfere with a natural flow.

Add Plants

Plants embody life energy, so they will add freshness, energy, and vitality to your Oakland apartment. 

To create good energy, Chi, you should incorporate these plants into your apartment’s decor.

  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Peace Lily
  • Ficus
  • Rubber Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Palm
  • Boston Fern
  • Philodendron
  • Spider Plant

Incorporate Metal Elements

Adding metal elements to your apartment is a great way to calming and balancing energies. It can help with productivity as well. So, a desk with metal elements is ideal for those of us working from home. You can also bring in metal elements with some decorative bowls, statues, or small sculptures.

Add Water to Your Apartment

Water is a key element to introducing Feng Shui into your apartment in Oakland. Consider adding a tabletop water fountain or artwork with water. 

Add Soothing Materials and Color

Calming materials and soothing colors are important elements for creating a serene atmosphere.

By using natural bedding and eco-friendly materials like bamboo for sheets, towels, pillows, and bed linens, your bedroom will feel soothing.

Choose soothing, muted color tones like green, beige, and brown will add style and serenity to any room in your apartment. Use these colors in accessories, artwork, rugs, and dinnerware.

These easy-to-follow Feng Shui principles can add peace, calmness, and harmony to your luxury Orion Oakland apartment.


Green Cleaning Tips for Your Oakland Apartment

The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, and the grass is getting greener. That must mean it is time to spring clean your Oakland apartment.

These easy Go Green tips will help keep both the environment and your apartment clean!

Reduce Your Water Consumption

Water is one of the earth’s most precious natural resources, but we often take it for granted; taking long showers, leaving the water running while we do the dishes, wash your face or brush our teeth. According to the EPA, bathroom faucets run at about 2 gallons of water a minute. By turning off the tap while you brush your teeth and shave, you can save hundreds of gallons a month.

Showering accounts for almost 17% of our indoor water use. You can save water by replacing your regular showerhead with a low flow showerhead. Consider shortening your showering time to further help reduce water consumption.

Place a bowl under your colander while cleaning vegetables and use it to water plants in your home or patio.

Down the Drain

Many of our household cleaners include products that while they help you 

clean, can make it into our water system and are having an increasingly alarming effect on 

aquatic plant and fish life. Before you pick up those scrubbing bubbles and toilet or shower cleaner, 

why not consider looking in your pantry for some staples that will help keep your Oakland apartment 

and the environment is clean!

Mirror and Surface Cleaner

You can keep your mirrors, windows, faucets and surfaces clean by combining ½ teaspoon of liquid dish soap, ¼ cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle for a great alternative to toxic cleaners that also helps reduce waste by reusing the spray bottle.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Many all-purpose cleaners contain harmful ingredients that will make it into our water system and our air. Instead try this DIY aromatic all-purpose cleaner.

Combine one-part white vinegar, one-part water, lemon rind and rosemary sprigs and let infuse for a week before using. Once it is done you can add to a spray bottle and use to clean counters, trash cans, toilets and everyday smudges.

These clean, eco-friendly cleaning products can go a long way to reduce pollution and keep your Orion apartment in Oakland clean and green!


Make Your Oakland Apartment Cozy

apartment in oaklandYou love your apartment in Oakland, but you have been looking for ways to add things that make you remind you of home. Whether it is scents, light, textures, or rugs … it is easy to bring them into your own apartment and make it feel warm, cozy and comfortable.

Here are some great ways to add warmth and comfort to your Orion Oakland apartment.


  • Use floor and table lamps instead of harsh overhead lighting.
  • Use plush area rugs to warm your feet and add style to your apartment.
  • Light candles for no reason but remember to blow them out.
  • Hang art or photos of friends and family.
  • Bring the outdoors in with easy to grow houseplants. (If you do not have a green thumb, there are some great faux plants available. 


  • Replace your bedding with luxurious and warm bedding.
  • Add a thick and cozy rug by the side of your bed so you will feel warm and cozy from the moment you wake up.
  • Display important mementos close by, placed on your dresser or shelving. 


  • Replace old or dingy towels for new oversized fluffy ones. 
  • Add bath mats to keep your feet from getting cold after you come out of the shower.


  • Ask a relative for the recipe to one of your favorite childhood dishes.
  • Bake cookies (store-bought dough is fine!) and display them on your counter.
  • Wipe down your countertops with a good-smelling cleaning product.
  • Brew coffee in the morning and let the cozy aroma ease you into your day.

Living Space:

  • Add layers of pillows in warm, soothing colors like red, orange, or caramel. 
  • Invest in a few throw blankets for your sofa and living room.
  • Bring in some wood elements like a wood table or shelf. 

In no time your Oakland apartment will feel warm, inviting and cozy.


Make a New Year’s Resolution to Support Local

Apartment in OaklandSay good riddance to 2020 by resolving to area businesses. From local restaurants to area artisans and artists, to plants, furniture, and home décor to brighten your apartment in Oakland, supporting local businesses is easy!

Local Restaurants 

Take a break from cooking and order takeout from one of these locally-owned restaurants near your apartment.


Delage is an upscale Japanese restaurant that made the pivot to takeout. Order online and walk to pick it up. Delage also sells wine and Sake to go. Stop by the Umami Mart to pick up some Sake cups to enjoy at home.

The Cook and Her Farmer

Locally owned and inspired by the sea and seasonal produce, The Cook and Her Farmer serve fresh and inspirational dishes, all available for pickup! It is located just minutes from your Orion apartment.

Support a Local Artist

Bay Made on Lake Shore Avenue is a woman and artist-owned gift and souvenir shop with local products and artwork. Decorate a wall in your apartment with a painting from a local artist or pick up some soap, furniture, or pottery!

FLAX art and design

Feeling inspired? Why not check out FLAX art and design. This family-owned arts and crafts store has over 10,000 square feet of art supplies. From DIY art kits to puzzles, paint by number kits, and other supplies, bring out your inner artist this year and support a local business. Their retail stores are open, and they offer curbside pickup and delivery.

Go Green

Bring some green into your apartment in Oakland with a houseplant, tree, cactus, or garden container. These locally owned plant stores have everything you need to add some life to any room.

Broadway Terrace Nursery
4340 Clarewood Drive
Oakland, CA

Dry Garden Nursery
6556 Shattuck Ave

Brother & Sisters Flower Shop
3265 Grand Avenue

Supporting local businesses and the community are great New Year’s resolutions and just happen to be good ways to brighten up your Oakland apartment.

Celebrating the Holidays in Oakland

Celebrating the holidays in Oakland, California 2020 might be a bit different this year, but that does not mean that it can’t be merry and bright! Check out some of the events, virtual concerts, holiday displays, and places to shop near your Oakland apartment this holiday.

Fairy Winterland at Children’s Fairyland

Fairyland turns into a winter wonderland with thousands of twinkling lights, multi-cultural holiday displays, a place for kids to leave a letter to Santa and a physically distanced Festival of lights.

The event is located at Children’s Fairyland at 699 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland and is open through December 30th.

Check out their website for more information and to purchase tickets for this fun, family-friendly event.

Holiday Lights

The Bay Area really shines when the holidays come around and this year will be brighter than ever. From neighborhoods in Berkley and Oakland, to temples, and tree lightings, here is a list of the best holiday displays near your Orion apartment.

Shop Local This Holiday Season

It’s tempting to do all of your holiday shopping online, but local businesses need your support this year. From local artists selling jewelry, pottery, and art to specialty shops that sell books, cookware and other items, you will find some unique gift ideas when you shop in downtown Oakland. Here are some great shopping ideas that will make even the biggest Grinch smile this holiday season.


The Oakland Zoo will hold an Illuminating Lantern Festival this year, called Glowfari. This will take the place of their annual Zoolights and will include animal themed illuminated lanterns.

Tickets are required and may be purchased on their website.

14th annual Posada Navideña Virtual

Join Calidanza for an online Celebration of Christmas this year. You will experience the songs and traditions of Mexico from the safety of your own Oakland apartment. Presented by the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Rodney Strong Vineyards, and Los Cien Sonoma County Latino Leaders, this virtual even is free. Find out more information here.

Celebrating the holidays in Oakland with these virtual and safe-distancing events will surely get you in the holiday spirit.

Tips to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Oakland 

Thanksgiving in OaklandTraveling to family or friends’ homes, watching football, turkey, turkey trots, long walks, and after dinner naps, this is what Thanksgiving is all about! While you may not be traveling to grandmother’s house this year, you can keep up many holiday traditions in your Oakland apartment this year!

Spending the Holiday with Family and Friends via Zoom

Keep it simple by setting a time to eat your meal with family and friends! Why not do a family recipe swap and try a few new dishes remotely. 


Maybe your yearly pickup game is canceled, but the NFL’s three games are part of our Thanksgiving tradition and are still on schedule. Here is the current lineup.

The Star of the Day – The Turkey

If you have never actually cooked a turkey, do not worry, these restaurants and markets near your Oakland apartment are serving Thanksgiving for takeout or delivery.

Whole Foods at 231 Bay Place has pre-cooked turkey, sides, and desserts available for pick up!

The Fifth Quarter Charcuterie has some great options for sides or alternatives to a turkey dinner including some out of this world, freshly made sausages. Check out their hours on their website.

 Belcampo’s  is offering turkeys from their California farm through William Sonoma this year. They have in-store pickups available. They are organic, non-GMO, and steroid-/antibiotic-free, and come in four sizes.

Turkey Trot

Before you feast, you trot by putting on your running gear and take part in a local turkey trot! This year there won’t be any turkeys trotting down the streets of Oakland, but you can still get out and run. Sign up for Oakland’s Virtual Turkey Trot online. 

Take a Walk

Joaquin Miller Park and Sequoia Bayview Trail Trailhead are both great places for a pre or after-dinner walk.

Take a Nap 

The tryptophan in turkey makes you tired, so a nice nap on Thanksgiving Day in your waterfront Orion apartment is another way to keep up your Thanksgiving traditions.


Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Oakland 

Halloween in OaklandAmericans LOVE Halloween! Each year we spend over $9 Billion on costumes, candy, and decorations! But this year we are dealing with a very real boogeyman, the coronavirus and things will be a bit different this year.

Like many of us, you might be looking for safe ways to celebrate Halloween in Oakland! Well, you are in luck because this is the ultimate list of fun things to do this year for Halloween!

Decorate Your Oakland Apartment

Decorating your Oakland apartment can get you in the spirit this holiday! But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to turn your home into a haunted paradise. 

Stretchy cobwebs or strips of black and orange construction paper can make inexpensive garland for a mantel or for over a doorway! 

Replace candles with black ones and place them on candle sticks with spooky spiders made from pipe cleaners.

Paint pumpkins with colorful chalk paint and write boo-tiful Halloween wishes on them!

Add spiders, witches, and other Halloween decorations to a wreath for your front door! 

Purchase an inexpensive Halloween themed welcome mat outside your door. Additionally, you can pick up some Halloween themed dish cloths to instantly add whimsy to your Orion apartment’s kitchen.

Connect with Friends and Family Online

Organize a Halloween Zoom party for friends and family! Celebrate by dressing in costumes and playing Halloween bingo or sharing scary ghost stories.

Go on a Halloween Home Tour

Many people are going all out decorating for Halloween this year, so why not take a ride in your car looking for the best Halloween decorations near your Oakland apartment.

Create Some Halloween Treats

Just because you aren’t going trick-or-treating doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something sweet! 

Popcorn balls are easy to make and have some of our Halloween favorite flavors: Reeses pieces, candy corn, white chocolate, and pretzels. Get the recipe here.

Graveyard, tombstone brownies are delicious and fun to make! Use a boxed brownie mixed, yogurt covered pretzels and mini marshmallows to create this hauntingly delicious Halloween treat! Get the recipe here.

These fun and safe ideas will make celebrating Halloween in Oakland this year Spooktacular!


Ways to Stay Healthy in Your Oakland Apartment

Ways to Stay Healthy in Your Oakland ApartmentAre you looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle without leaving your Oakland apartment?

Here is a list of some of the top ways to maintain your workout regime to stay on a healthy track.

YouTube Your Workout

There are plenty of exercise videos on YouTube, and the best thing is, they are free. Go to YouTube and search for the type of workout you would like or type in home exercise to find one that motivates you. Once you have found one that you like, hit play and start that workout!

Grab Some Equipment

Designate a small corner in your apartment as a workout area.  Purchase some weights and turn on the TV and start pumping some reps. If you don’t have any weights, you can use water jugs or laundry detergent bottles filled with water.

Another great piece of equipment to help you stay healthy is a stability ball. Exercising with a stability ball can help strengthen your muscles and your core without making noise that might bother a neighbor.

Get Your Namaste On

Pull out a mat, turn on some soothing music and burn some incense. Yoga is a great mind and body workout. It requires minimal space, about the size of your mat, and can be easily altered based on your mood.

Avoid Mindless Snacking

Just because you choose to stay in your apartment instead of going out to exercise does not mean that it is an excuse to be a couch potato. Stock your cabinets with healthy snacks and fill a bowl with fresh, seasonal fruit. Drinking water will also help curb your appetite and keep your mind off unhealthy snacks.

There are a lot of ways to stay healthy in your Oakland Apartment at Orion that will still leave you feeling fit and fabulous. 


The Best Back to School Supplies for 2020

back to school suppliesIt is that time of year again! Time to say goodbye to the leisurely days of summer to return to school! For many, that means juggling multiple tasks and studying from your Oakland apartment.

This can be stressful and that is why we have put together a list of the top back school supplies for 2020. 

Paper Planner

Despite the fact that much of our studying has gone completely digital, students of all ages are turning to paper notebooks and planners! There is something satisfying about writing down tasks, dates, and notes and then crossing them off when they are complete that a digital planner just doesn’t fulfill.

These planners are a colorful and popular option to consider.

Wireless Headphones

With so many people working, schooling, and studying at home, it can be distracting. Purchasing a good set of wireless headphones can be a lifesaver. Target has several options including these wireless Bluetooth headphones by Marshall Major.

3-Ring Binders

Binders are a great way to keep organized! Select a sturdy binder with a pocket for each subject. You can easily add lined paper, tests, and assignments to the binder! Don’t forget the three-hole punch! Both can be purchased at Staples.

Note Taking Tools

Did you know that you better retain information if you write it down? It is true; that is why pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters remain as a must-have back to school supply! Taking notes also keeps your hands busy, meaning you will not be distracted with other apps or text messages.

Laptop and Printer

A laptop and printer are essential tools for studying from your Oakland apartment. This link highlights some of the best laptops for the 2020 school year.  

A printer is another must-have for the school year. This article by TechRadar includes the features and prices of printers that are recommended for students. You can also use the wireless printing station at your Orion apartment in Oakland.

These must-have supplies will make studying in your Oakland apartment less stressful and more productive.