Shake up Your Space With Trending Apartment Decor

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The energy of your environment is greatly affected by its decor. Looking to spruce up your space here at Orion to reflect your unique tastes? Time to try out trending apartment decor picks! Read on to find out more about stylish trends that are sure to be a hit in the home.


Minimal Decor for the Organized Mind


For those seeking a clean environment and calm state of mind, modern minimal interior design is the way to go. Featuring simple lines, geometric patterns, and fashionable function, minimal decor never loses its cool and matches with almost anything. Check out this helpful article to help you brainstorm how you can implement this timeless design trend in your own apartment!


Summer Decor to Ring in the Season With Spirit


As the weather heats up and the spring blooms begin to flourish, your apartment could do with a similarly sunny makeover! Summer decor for the apartment is sure to bring a smile to your face. Common trends for this season include floral patterns, nautical themes, and natural materials like jute and wood. Need more inspiration? This list is sure to inspire you through your search for summer decor!


Get Trending Apartment Decor Delivered to Your Door


Now more than ever, it’s easy to get trending apartment decor into your home. There are plenty of online retailers that deliver straight to your door! For fans of modern minimal decor, All Modern is the place to go for sleek furnishings, like this dining table. Summer decor stans can revel in the picks over at Etsy! This lemon-themed wall garland would look adorable over your front doorway. 


Try out these or other trending apartment decor tips here at Orion! How are you planning on spicing up your space? Let us know in the comments!